Mauris posuere


Nortech Plastics specialises in the moulding of engineering resins ,we have access to quality materials and have the equipment and know-how to process them correctly. With clean modern facilities Nortech Plastics can offer outstanding quality at very competitive prices. Nortech Plastics can mould from 15 tonne up to 228 tonne with a shot weight of 0.1gms up to 450gms.

We can manufacture from small multiple components to single large components.Using cost effective resins or high grade resins for precise engineering parts we can find the right material for your job.

Key Benefits

Mauris posuere Mauris posuere Mauris posuere
  • Cheaper components.
  • Quicker to produce.
  • Choose a material to suit a wide range of applications.
  • Have your product designed and manufactured.